Solutions Management Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SMG Holdings, Inc., is a commercial & retail business consulting firm that establishes partnerships, investment opportunities, and affiliations in other various companies of interest. Our partners bring over 55 years of  industry-specific expertise that supports the viability of our advice for business operations and consultation.

SMG Engineering Division  is our software engineering team of design engineers that create accounting and analytical programs for real estate residential and commercial investors. Having the ability to maximize ROI metrics through extensive valuations, that are user-friendly, allows extreme efficiency of  time management and highly, calculated analysis that could save our clients thousands of dollars on their projects.

SMG Working Capital Division connects small businesses to capital in as fast as five (5) business days. A strong cash flow and good payment behavior demonstrate the performance of your business and can help you to qualify for business loans from $5,000 up to $1,000,000. By reviewing business performance in addition to credit history, we can identify healthy businesses that others overlook.

SMG Product Development and Testing Division
is the "ISO Marketing" arm of our company to promote all of our partner's products and services throughout the United States, and internationally. Market analysis, strategic mapping, and system modeling techniques allow SMG to determine what products and services can geographically compete in certain underserved or competing market sectors.

We strive to provide the utmost support and ingenuity of our products and services for the development and growth of our valued clients. Strategic-oriented analysis is one of our many successful approaches of project-enhancing protocols. Everyday we're creating and building practical, complex systems to maintain our competitiveness in today's market.

Our partnerships with many companies for so many years has bolstered our identity in the marketplace as a leader of solutions management and advisory expertise for niche markets. In other words, we're a market leader at your service.


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 SMG provides consulting services to all 50 states. That's what makes us the ultimate, portable solution for business expansion.

SMG provides the premier application of IRS-Approved Cost Segregation and Asset Valuation services to its commercial clients and partners throughout the U.S. through its engineering partner, CSSI.

Engineered-based cost segregation studies improves client cash flow by maximizing the acceleration of depreciation by the IRS-defined approach. As of 2014, CSSI has completed over 8,000 studies.


Solutions Management Group, a subsidiary of SMG Holdings, Inc., is a national ISO partner of Newtek Business Services to provide a full array of  products and services to assist the small business owner for their operational needs.                  
SMG provides funding for Commercial,  Retail, & Professional NAICS
  • 236220 Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
  • 236118 General Contractors: Home Improvement
  • 236116 General Contractors: Multifamily
  • 236115 General Contractors: Residential
  • 722511 Full Service Restaurants
  • 722513 Fast-Food Restaurants
  • 811111 Automotive and Body Repair
  • 812112 Beauty Salon and Day Spa Industry
  • 621210 Dentists, Dental Surgeons, and Centers
  • 621111 All Medical Doctors

          and many more...


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