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Saving or Investing Calculator

*Enter a value in the first box to generate a chart illustrating the effect of that rate of return on your savings or investments. You can also generate a chart comparing the effects of up to three different rates of return by entering other values in the remaining boxes.


How much will you accumulate if you save or invest regularly? Use this tool to calculate and chart the future value of regular monthly or annual deposits.

Calculation assumes that additional deposits are made at the end of the applicable period (month or year).

Saving or Investing Calculator Chart
How much will you accumulate if you save or invest regularly?

After 30 years, if you start with a balance of $10,000 and save $1,000 a year at 5%, you will have accumulated an estimated $109,658.
Using the same assumptions as noted below, this chart compares the same initial and subsequent deposits for the same term at three different expected annual rates of return.


  • Calculation assumes earnings are compounded (monthly/annually).
  • Calculation assumes that additional deposits are made at the end of the applicable period (month or year).
  • Calculation does not take into account the effects of inflation.
  • Calculation does not take into account the effect of federal or state income taxes.
  • If you are investing in stocks or stock mutual funds, obtain a prospectus and read it carefully. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
  • The results are hypothetical and may not reflect the actual growth of your savings or investments.
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